Omni Converter Challenge - Exploration

Now that I have a rough idea of what OCC is supposed to do (translate uploaded Directed-Acyclic-Graphs from one file format to another), I'll dive into an instance of the system and see what there is to see.

Here's what OCC looks like through Palantir's frontend:

The "example_#" entries each represent a DAG, which can uploaded, downloaded or replaced using any of the six file formats listed on the left side. Clicking a file format under Upload or Replace opens your computer's file browser, and clicking under download starts a direct download of selected DAGs in your chosen file format.  Download, Replace and Delete require you to select at least one DAG to operate upon, and an error popup appears if you do not have a DAG selected.

Now just from this initial screen, there appears to be a problem with User Statistics. The list of "example_#" DAGs on this page was generated using API requests, so the API request counters should have a nonzero value. This could just be a timing issue where calls are counted before that list is built, but reloading the page down't fix it. Nor does uploading or downloading a DAG. There are a few possible issues here:

-Null replacing the intended value (bug)
-The intended value being 0 (bug) and null representing 0 (poor design)
-Maybe I misunderstand the purpose of the counters (poor design)

Since we're just exploring, I'll note down the issues for later and move on.


Some time has passed since I was last able to work on this project, and Palantir's temporary hosting of my instance of OCC will soon expire. In order to continue testing I'll have to rehost the service on my own machine. See "Environment Setup" and "Exploration Pt. 2" for the rest of the story.